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Dr. Owais focuses on locating and removing the interference to the nervous system that may be the cause of your health condition. At San Jose Chiropractic we focus on the upper cervical region of the spine and the relationship between the first two bones in the neck and that’s where the brainstem passes through. See how upper cervical chiropractic in Mandarin can help you and your symptoms.

How can a head a neck misalignment affect your health?

The brain controls everything in the body by sending messages down the spinal cord across to the nerves and then to every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. From the first moment of conception, the central nervous system develops (neural tube). After neural tube develops, the brain and all of the organs grow from that. A weight of a dime on a nerve could shut the nerve flow by up to 60%.

In order to remain healthy and function properly, the brain must send messages to the body and communicate. When one of the top two bones in the neck, atlas, and axis, misalign, they cause pressure on the brain stem and the brain is unable to communicate with the body.

Think about as a light bulb attached a dimmer. When there is no pressure the light is very bright and working at 100 percent. If there is pressure on the wire the light bulb would still work but won't be as bright.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Mandarin FL

Our consultations are always complimentary to see if we are the right fit for each other. Then we do a very thorough and examination. We use 3D X-rays to help us gain a more in-depth picture of your spinal alignment. This process is very important in order for us to understand the depth of the misalignment. We study and analyze your x-rays to make sure that we can help you and deliver you the best adjustment for your spine.

At San Jose chiropractic in Mandarin, we use orthospinology technique to correct the misalignment. It’s a gentle correction so you won’t be hearing any popping or cracking or be placed in painful positions. It’s a very specific and precise adjustment where a laser-guided instrument is used to help correct the misalignment.

If you’re looking to maximize your health and minimize drugs and surgeries, we are the right office for you.


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