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Time • Frequency • Intensity

Time • Frequency • Intensity

Chiropractic Mandarin FL Tennis Player

Olympic Performances, Flawless Ballet, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Collegiate Excellence, Optimal Dental Hygiene, nothing of lasting excellence can be achieved by avoiding the required, time, frequency & intensity.

Time frequency & intensity are crucial in improving our health. We cannot escape these factors. We desperately try to bend the rules when we deprive our body of needed care to heal and only provide enough care to feel good. Here in lie many of the seeds of future disease and sickness such as heart disease, cancer, and spinal-deterioration, (subluxation).

Shame on the patients and the Doctors, for endorsing such dangerous behavior!

For most of us the condition of our spine today is a merciless representation of the quality of decisions we have made and been guided to make by those we trusted our spinal health to.

Understandably healing does take time, the adjustments and homework we are taught take frequency. The conviction and persistence with which we transform our lives, demands intensity, but the rewards are well worth the journey.

This is why, from the very beginning the founding fathers of Chiropractic were clear to lay down the:

“Principles of Chiropractic”

Chiropractic allows the power, which made your body to better express itself and heal your body via an optimally functioning nervous system. The undoing of the years of neglect we have placed upon our spines takes time. It requires we work on our body and its spinal integrity especially in the absence of symptoms, for the rest of our lives. So invest the Time, commit to the Frequency and follow through with Intensity!

Yours In Health,
Dr. Thuraia Owais

Dr. Thuraia Owais is a Chiropractor and Clinic Director at our Mandarin, San Jose Chiropractic office in Mandarin, FL. Our Mandarin office serves the chiropractic and natural healthcare needs of the communities of Mandarin, San Jose, Julington Creek, Nocatee, Switzerland, Fruit Cove, Orange Park, and Bartram Park.


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