Chiropractor Thuraia Owais D.C.

Dr. Thuraia Owais has lived in Mandarin, FL most of her life. She is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida campus. Prior to studying and earning her doctorate at Palmer, Dr. Owais obtained a degree in biology at the University of North Florida. She has a great passion for chiropractic and her patients. She has completed numerous continuing education courses in adult health, pregnancy, and pediatric development.

Her proudest achievements is her volunteer chiropractic work in Fiji, where she treated hundreds of less fortunate patients who have limited to no access to quality care. She has treated thousands of patients to optimal health during the years she has been in practice.

Dr. Owais is focused on educating and helping our community reach overall wellness through natural chiropractic care, nutrition, exercise, and positive thinking. When she is not adjusting and educating the community, she enjoys hiking and camping with her family and being a mom to her son Shadi and her two dogs D.D. and Poochie.


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"Great doctor! She is very knowledgeable. Not only she helped me get out of pain, but she's also helping me with a healthier lifestyle. Thank you Dr. O."- Edma Yazgi

"Dr. Owais is one of the most professional chiropractors I've ever experienced. She cares about your overall well being and isn't quick to jump and prescribe medicine."- Amanda Mousa Gazaleh

"Amazing doctor! I recommend her to everyone. If you're in pain, you have to go see her. You leave feeling great!"- Kelly Rukab Salem